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The Ph.D. in Oral Sciences of the Università degli Studi di Milano has started in 2013-2014. Every year it may host 4 to 6 students, with at least 4 scholarships, according to the financial resources made available by the University. The course duration is 3 years, during which the Ph.D. student is followed by a tutor that takes care of its education and monitors its research activity within research topics agreed upon, in which the student is involved. Access to the Ph.D. course occurs through a competitive selection, based on the evaluation of career and of a research project presented by the candidate, as well as on a discussion in English language, regarding the same project. Such project serves to understand the capacity of the candidate to designing a project and the competence in the topic. The project will not necessarily represent the research line the candidate will follow during the 3 years of doctorate, in case of admission. Usually the selection takes place in the summer period, between July and September. The program normally starts on October 1st, in coincidence with Academic Year starting. The dates of selection and starting may change according to academic indications. There is no restriction regarding the type of degree. A certification of knowledge of the English language of at least B2 level is required.

The formal allocation of the Ph.D. student to the tutor is made during a meeting between students admitted and the Coordinator of the Ph.D. at the beginning of the course. The allocation takes into account the type of project presented, the desires and attitudes of the student, and the availability of the tutor to following the student for 3 years.

The Ph.D. student could perform part of his research activity at a national or foreign university/research Institution, based on an agreement between the hosting institution and the Ph.D. that must be formally approved by the Ph.D. Board. Such period cannot exceed 18 months. During the stay, the scholarship is increased by 50%.

The education of the Ph.D. student involves a series of courses and seminars, in part organized by the Ph.D. (specialistic courses) and by the Academy (transversal courses), in order to get a total of 30 credits (CFU) in 3 years.  Courses are held mainly by Professors of the Board and partially by professors/specialists of other universities. Different activities such as active participation in Congresses, Journal Clubs Summer’Schools,or  Educational Courses organised outside of the Accademy, can, with the approval of the Board, be considered as educational Activities and recognised as CFU.

Starting from the second year the Phd’student will have accessibility to a budget equal to 10% of the scholarship, eligible to be used for research purposes (missions, publications, reagents or instrumentations that will than remain property of the University)

For any further and specific information please counsult the PhD program regulation(link) or contact the responsible offices.  


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